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WWF Reviews Catfish Red Listing

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VIET NAM - The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is to review its decision to place Vietnamese tra and basa catfish on the red list.

Mark Powell from WWF said that both tra and basa catfish will be removed from their ‘do not buy’ red list during a press conference this week, according to a report in the Saigon GP Daily.

Mr Powell admitted that the WWF offices in Europe had not updated their data on the tra fish farming industry in Viet Nam since 2008, the repots says.

The earlier data recorded Viet Nam to have 360 hectares of tra farming in 89 different farms. However, Viet Nam has close to 6,000 hectares at present.

The report says that Mr Powell admitted his mistake in assessing the facts on Vietnamese tra fish and that that he would take full responsibility for any published reports in the Seafood Guide (2010-2011) which was already in circulation in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway and Denmark.

Mr Powell said that the list was just a guide to advice consumers on the sustainability of important seafood items and should not be seen as a trade barrier.

The real goal is to encourage certifiable and sustainable products of seafood and to reduce any harmful environmental effects.

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