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Workshop Held on Aquaculture Development in Sri Lanka

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SRI LANKA - The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) in continuation with the series of seminars organized in partnership with AB Partners AS, under the Sri Lanka-Norway Business Matchmaking Progam (BMMP), recently conducted a workshop on aquaculture development at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

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This was a follow-up of the first workshop held in December 2013 and covered presentations and discussions based on the findings of the first workshop. The workshop focused on the challenges related to the transfer of technology, training programmes and financing of larger commercial scale aquaculture projects in Sri Lanka, reports DailyNews.

Alikie Perera, Deputy Secretary General, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in her opening address said that organizing workshops of this nature will assist those engaged in the local aquaculture industry to enhance their knowledge and obtain information on the current know-how, transfer of technology and financing facilities.

The panel consisted of aquaculture specialists Asbjørn Drengstig, Bjørn Aspøy and Inge Reithaug from Norway.The welcome addresses was delivered by Vijayanathan, Senior Advisor, Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Asbjørn Drengstig, in his address spoke on the model developed by them, which could be introduced to commercial scale aquaculture industries with high potential. Further, he said that workshops are conducted to conceptualize the model. He said Sri Lanka is the first nation invited to utilize this strategic recipe for aquaculture development. He believes, if the model to be successful, active participation from the local private and public sectors is needed.

Bjørn Aspøy, CEO, Smart Farm AS from Norway during his speech said that, studies have shown that Sri Lanka has the potential to produce mussels, seaweed and oysters on a large scale. Having identified the potential, he is hoping to start a pilot project in Sri Lanka in the near future. Aspoy gave a comprehensive account on the mussel farming industry in Norway and the technology adopted by them and how Sri Lanka could benefit from these technologies.

Reithaug also created awareness on the sources where Sri Lanka can find funding to develop its aquaculture Industry.

The next workshop is scheduled to be held on April 1, 2014.