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White Spot Outbreak in Shrimp in Hawaii

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US - A renewed outbreak of White Spot in shrimp has been reported on shrimp farms in Hawaii.

White spot syndrome virus was detected during routine testing of brood stock shrimp as part of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Shrimp Surveillance Certification Program (SSCP).

At the time of sample collection the shrimp appeared stressed according to the report from the USDA to the World Animal Health Organization (OIE).

All the shrimp on the farm subsequently died.

No shrimp remain on the farm and all ponds recently used for shrimp production are presently being drained and dried.

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) is currently conducting an epidemiological investigation of the event.

The source of the outbreak is unknown or inconclusive.

The control measures being applied include quarantine and movement control inside the country and the farms are being disinfected.

The outbreak was discovered on 25 May and reported to the OIE this week. The previous outbreak occurred in February this year.