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What's in a Name: Anchovy Promotion

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PERU - The Exporters Association (ADEX) is celebrating a government proposal to promote internal consumption of anchovy (Engraulis ringeris) by categorising it as a Flag [Domestic] Product.' However, the Association suggests promoting canned anchovy as "Peruvian sardine" to conquer new international markets.

"As a commercial strategy, it would be interesting to refer to canned anchovy as Peruvian sardine, this would highlight its competitive advantage," remarked Jaime Bertie Brignardello, vice president of the ADEX Fisheries and Aquaculture Committee.

Canned sardine is in huge demand around the world, said FIS, who reported the even.

Although US, Brazil and Argentina policies only allow for the import the Peruvian product if it is entered under the anchovy category; this is not the case in other countries, the executive pointed out.

"This denomination is not well known internationally, as consumers view this species as sardine. If it enters as anchovy, it won’t be in demand," he explained.

"Countries like Morocco and Thailand are major exporters of canned sardine, which are actually of poorer quality than our product. Nevertheless, they are consumed in quantity around the world," Brignardello stressed.

For this reason, Peru "cannot ignore this reality," he said. "We can’t shoot ourselves in the foot, we need to take advantage of this global demand and the potential of this species."