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Weekly Overview: Successful Tuna Farming Would be a Huge Boost to US Aquaculture Industry

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ANALYSIS - In this week's news, the University of Rhode Island, US, is embarking into a research project to farm yellow fin tuna, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor.

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The University is hoping to develop the technology needed to grow the tuna in order to take pressure of wild stocks whilst also developing the local aquaculture industry.

By understanding the life cycle of tuna, the researchers hope to first be able to raise yellow fin and then move onto bluefin tuna in the future.

Currently the Australian company Clean Sea's Tuna is the only company in the world to farm tuna commercially from egg to harvest size.

If the researchers are successful, this new technology could be a huge boost to the US aquaculture industry, especially through selling to the Japanese market where there is a high demand for tuna.

Over the last week, a new discovery has been made into Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) or Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Syndrome (AHPNS).

Noriaki Akazawa, managing director of Agrobest Sdn. Bhd, alongside Kinki University and the National Research Institute of Aquaculture in Japan, has found that an increase in pH to 8.5 to 8.8 in ponds triggers EMS.

This discovery follows on from the beginning of May when the pathogen causing EMS was identified by a research team led by Donald Lighter at the University of Arizona, US.

Nutreco has now completed its acquisition of 75 per cent of the shares in the Ecuadorian shrimp and fish feed company Gisis, which aimed to develop its fish feed business.

Nutreco, which is already the number one salmon feed supplier, is now one of the top three shrimp feed providers globally.

In other feed news, Norwegian salmon company Cermaq has now received an offer of NOK 6.2 Billion for its feed company EWOS from Altor and Bain Capita.

Cermaq has assessed the offer to be substantially higher than the implicit value of EWOS in the historical valuation of the Cermaq share as well as in the offer from Marine Harvest.

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