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Weekly Overview: Can the Expansion of Aquaculture in Europe be Done Sustainably?

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ANALYSIS - A new Future Brief from environmental news service, Science for Environment Policy, has looked at the expansion of aquaculture in Europe, what environmental challenges will be met and whether this expansion can be done sustainably.

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The brief presents an overview of research into aquaculture’s impacts, and considers how it could develop in harmony with environmental goals.

The report concludes that, while there have been significant improvements, as the sector expands further, it must continually improve its environmental sustainability. A better understanding of the basics of aquatic ecology is needed as this is essential to the long-term economic sustainability of aquaculture as well as to food security.

In other news, Australian tuna farming company, Clean Seas Tuna, announced it is suing its former feed supplier for economic losses which it says were caused by feed which was allegedly deficient in a key nutrient.

INDaily reported that Clean Seas told the stock exchange that it had served proceedings in the Supreme Court of South Australia against a former supplier, Gibson’s Limited (trading at Skretting Australia).

Clean Seas CEO Craig Foster said that the company’s proceedings assert that the feed supplied by Gibson’s Limited during 2009 - 2012 contained insufficient taurine – an essential dietary requirement for Yellowtail Kingfish and a range of other fish species.