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Viet Nam Remains Top Shrimp Exporter to Japan

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VIET NAM - After Japans detection of Oxytetracycline (OTC) in shrimp imported from Viet Nam since mid-March 2014, some international sources predicted that Japan could increase shrimp import from India and Indonesia. However, Viet Nam has remained in the top position in supplying shrimp to Japan in the first four months of 2014.

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Whereas shrimp imports into Japan from India and Indonesia reported sharp decline in both volume and value, reports VASEP.

Through April 2014, Viet Nam shrimp exports to Japan rose 31.9 per cent in value but downed 40.2 per cent in volume, according to statistics of International Trade Center (ITC). The decline was attributable to Japan’s OTC inspection on Viet Nam shrimp.

During the period, shrimp imports into Japan from Thailand, Indonesia and India showed deep dive in both volume and value. Shrimp imports from Thailand downed 41.8 per cent in volume and 34.7 per cent in value. Imports from Indonesia and India downed 40.9 per cent and 9.8 per cent; 39.3 per cent and 17.5 per cent, respectively.

Compared with other shrimp suppliers to Japan, Viet Nam has the advantage in supplying black tiger shrimp to the market thanks to being the largest producer of black tiger shrimp with stable output.

Black tiger shrimp price in the global market and Japanese market still stays on high while whiteleg shrimp price tends to fall down thanks to stronger supply from many producers after easing the EMS disease.

Among the top 10 leading shrimp suppliers to Japan, Argentina reported the highest growth of 94.6 per cent in volume and 145.1 per cent in value.

Viet Nam shrimp exporters to Japan now enjoy the tariff rate of zero per cent. However, exporters have faced barriers of antibiotics and banned chemicals. In 2014, OTC detection hindered Viet Nam shrimp exports to the market. However, through April 2014, the number of shrimp consignments to Japan which had OTC residues in excess of permitted limits of 0.2 ppm was reduced significantly from four in March to one consignment in April.

Viet Nam shrimp exports to Japan in 2014 will obtain a higher growth if OTC problem is well-controlled and the growth in black tiger shrimp sales to the market is remained.

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