Unimak Russian Salmon Verified FOS Sustainable

12 February 2014, at 12:00am

RUSSIA - Friend of the Sea announces the certification of Ozernovskii Rybokonzernyi Zadov, Rybholkam Ltd and Tymlatskiy Rybokombinat Co. Ltd, partners of Unimak Maritime Group, for sockeye and pink salmon fisheries in Kamchatka, Eastern Russia.

The audit was run by an accredited international certification body and based on Friend of the Sea’s strict social and environmental requirements.

Salmon stocks in the area are neither overexploited nor overfished, as a strict system of quotas is in place, controlled by the Russian Fisheries Agency. Auditors confirmed the fisheries do not negatively impact spawning and nursery grounds.

The coastal seiners fish far from the coast and protected areas, in the Sea of Okhotsk and in the Pacific Ocean waters. No other fishing method is permitted. Seals or sea lions are immediately released when they accidentally enter the traps.

Special care is given to workers and medical assistance on board is provided. Medical visits are performed every year for fishermen and every two years for workers at the processing plants on land. Strict safety measures, explained during periodic training sessions, have to be complied with.

"Unimak Maritime is proud its Russian partners are now certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea." comments Mr William Turner, Unimak Maritime Group’s president ."This important recognition confirms our environmental conservation and social accountability policies are valid and strong."