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Twin Trawl Technology Promises Greater Efficiency

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CANADA - Increased catches, lower fuel costs, and reduced environmental impacts are all potential benefits that could be achieved from trawling technology that will be tested with help from the Provincial Government.

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Derrick Dalley, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, announced funding through the Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program (FTNOP) today to support Hailey Bear Enterprises and the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation (CCFI) at Marine Institute as they research the equipment.

“Tests of twin trawls in other jurisdictions have shown they can be more efficient than traditional equipment, which is why we are committing almost C$100,000 to this research,” said Minister Dalley. “Our support of this project further demonstrates this government’s commitment to fostering innovation that supports success in our provincial fishery.”

Hailey Bear Enterprises, operating out of Twillingate, will test the trawl by harvesting Northern Shrimp. The design, build, and trials of the trawl will be completed by 2014.

“The Provincial Government continues to foster research and development that ensures our ability to compete in the marketplace,” said Bob Verge, Managing Director of the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation. “The potential for lower operating costs to harvesters and reduced impacts on the environment makes researching this equipment exciting.”

Brad Watkins, owner of Haley Bear Enterprises, first researched the technology in Denmark.

“After participating in a trawl technology training course in Europe in 2012, I saw the potential benefits of applying this technology here at home,” said Mr Watkins. “I appreciate the support this project has received, and I am hopeful the industry will benefit.”

Budget 2013: A Sound Plan, A Secure Future included a C$2.2 million investment in FTNOP, a programme that has promoted innovation in our billion dollar fishing and aquaculture industry by assisting more than 200 research and development projects since 2008.