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Towards Global Feed LCA Guidelines

12 February 2013, at 12:00am

EU - The European Feed Manufacturer's Association (FEFAC) and AFIA are joining forces to harmonize the methodology for environmental footprinting of compound feed and to publish the first Feed LCA recommendations in 2013.

The FEFAC and AFIA consortium currently gathers seven feed companies (Agrifirm, Cargill, De Heus, Denkavit, For Farmers, Nutreco, Van Drie Group) and seven feed associations (AFIA, AIC, Bemefa, Dakofo, FEFAC, Nevedi, SNIA) which share a common interest in the development of methodologies for the assessment of the environmental impact linked to feed production and consumption and LCA database.

The consortium expects to reach a first milestone in 2013 with the publication of the first version of the Feed LCA Recommendations and guidance document.

This initiative takes place in the framework of the UN FAO-led Partnership on benchmarking and monitoring the environmental performance of livestock supply chains, which the consortium has joined together with IFIF.

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