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Tilapia Hatchery to Benefit 3000 Families in Paraguay

27 November 2013, at 12:00am

PARAGUAY - An agreement signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Itaipu dam, will jointly support the production of tilapia fry in the nursery center of Eusebio Ayala.

The signing of the cooperation agreement will benefit more than 3000 families in the Cordillera and its surroundings, generating numerous jobs for young Paraguayan producers.

According to the Deputy Minister of Livestock, Luis Goiburú, tilapia fish production could help small producers feed their families whilst also generating an income through selling extra fish.

"We have a Fry Production Center in the city of Eusebio Ayala and produce about two million fry per year. We want to sign a cooperation agreement with Itaipu dam to ensure the continued production," said Dr Goiburú.

According to the MAG, the fry will be given to producer committees for free via the Department of Livestock.

Farmers will also be provided with technical training in the selection of sites and areas for fish farms, pond construction, water, soil and topography, organisms inhabiting a pond, process production of tilapia and pacu, fingerling production, fish biology and sex reversal of tilapia.

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