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The Shelf Life of Cod: Farmed and Wild

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NORWAY - Does fillet from farmed cod and wild cod have different shelf life in iced storage when filleted pre-rigor? This has been assessed in a report by Nofima Marin.

More farmed cod in the shops

The production of farmed cod is increasing, and a large proportion of this is sold as fillet. There is a requirement for enhanced knowledge about shelf life and quality during storage since statements from the industry indicate fillet from farmed cod has a longer shelf life. Provisional results from the project only party support this impression.

Farmed cod

What was the result?

"There were several interesting finds," says Scientist Hilde Herland.

"Amongst other things, we found that farmed cod had a shorter shelf life than wild cod when we examined microbiological criteria, but significantly longer when we assessed chemical and sensory (taste, smell and consistency) properties".

"It is therefore important that both conditions are assessed, and regardless of other facts microbiology should form part of shelf life analyses".

As well as shelf life, the project report also compares several other conditions between wild and farmed cod, including sensory quality and liquid loss.

Report number 14/09: "Pre-rigor filleting of farmed cod - Shelf life and quality during iced storage" contains more detailed information from the trial. (This report is in Norwegian language only.)

This project was commissioned by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Fund, with FHL Fillet Forum as the project manager.

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