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Aiming to establish the world's first commercial-scale seaweed farm situated within an offshore windfarm, the blue economy developer Simply Blue Group has joined the North Sea Farm 1 Project.

Plans for a wind and seaweed farm.
The North Sea Farm 1 initiative aims to harness sustainable seaweed aquaculture for climate change mitigation

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Simply Blue Group - a blue economy project developer which aims to address climate action targets in Europe by progressing the industries for carbon sequestration and ocean-based renewable energy production - has joined the North Sea Farm 1 Project consortium to develop the world’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm located within an offshore windfarm.

Positioned off the coast of the Netherlands in the North Sea, the 10 hectare farm is planned to be deployed and seeded in autumn 2024, with the first harvest expected to be in early 2025.

The consortium aims to help address climate action targets by utilising the vast, untapped potential of seaweed cultivation, which can absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide from its environment, whilst producing oxygen. These characteristics of macroalgae make its cultivation an invaluable approach to combating climate change and ocean acidification whilst simultaneously producing a valuable biomass with a wide range of uses from pharmaceuticals to fertilisers.

“[Simply Blue’s] expertise in aquaculture and offshore wind will be valuable in the successful execution of seaweed production in an offshore wind farm for the first time. The North Sea Farm 1 project aims to help the seaweed industry in scaling-up within offshore wind farms,” said Eef Brouwers, Project Manager of the North Sea Farm 1 initiative, in a press release announcing the collaboration.

Simply Blue holds that the efficient use of marine space is key to ocean-based solutions for climate change, bringing more local communities and supply chains into the transition to a low carbon economy.

Hugh Kelly co-founder and chief executive at Simply Blue Group said: “We want our marine projects to make a tangible difference, which is why we’re delighted to join this consortium. We recognise that seaweed cultivation is a valuable tool in tackling climate change and supporting our oceans.”

“We believe that in time offshore wind farms will have multiple uses, with seaweed production being one of them. By joining North Sea Farm 1 we are making the first step on that journey,” he added.

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