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Temporary Fishing Closures Saved 206,000 tonnes of Juvenile Anchovy

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PERU - During the first season of 2015 anchovy fishing (March-July), the Ministry of Production and IMARPE, managed to avoid the capture of about 206,000 tonnes of juvenile anchovy through the closure of 150 fishing zones fishing along the coast.

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The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Juan Carlos Requejo, revealed that it was possible to have been implemented since 2014 the policy of preventive and temporary suspensions consisting of the closure of fishing areas when juveniles are found, not only from the first mile wide but the Peruvian sea. These measures also apply during the season that starts from next November 17.

"If we identify fishing areas with high incidence of juveniles, we proceed to close in less than 24 hours, as we have done. This dynamic and efficient fisheries management model allows us to guarantee the sustainability of the resource not only in the first few miles but along the entire coast," said the Deputy Minister.

Peru's anchovy fishing season is set to reopen today (17 November).