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Sustainable Milestone for Atlantic Salmon in America

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CANADA - Cooke Aquaculture, under its marketing division, TrueNorth Salmon, is the first Canadian company to offer Eco Certified farmed Atlantic salmon in North America.

Certified under the internationally-recognized Seafood Trust Eco Label, True North’s farmed Atlantic salmon, sold at retail in Canada under the Heritage Salmon brand, sets a new standard for sustainability in seafood. The announcement coincides with World Oceans Day, a Canadian-inspired educational initiative that celebrates our global marine environment.

“This is a significant achievement for our company and for the entire industry,” says Glenn Cooke, CEO, Cooke Aquaculture. “True North Salmon is committed to providing authentic Atlantic salmon that is sustainably farmed through measureable environmental standards for both farming and processing operations. We made this commitment because it will make us a better company. We live in the communities where we operate and we want to reflect the philosophy of our people. Sustainable farming is also very important to our customers."

A 2008 Ipsos-Reid survey commissioned by True North Salmon highlighted the importance consumers place on eco-friendly products when they make purchasing decisions. Nearly 57 per cent of respondents who claim to be seafood eaters believe eco labeled seafood is safer to eat. The study also showed that these same consumers make favorable inferences about eco labeled salmon such as “better quality” and “more confident about wholesomeness” than conventional/non-eco label seafood.

“At Longo’s, where food comes from and how it’s produced plays an important role in our seafood purchasing decisions, especially when a growing majority of consumers prefer products they regard as environmentally responsible,” says Rosanne Longo, company spokeswoman, Longo’s. “True North’s Eco Label designation means our customers can feel good because they are buying fish that was raised in a manner that has had minimal impact on the environment, is an incredibly healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids and, because it’s from Atlantic Canada, the freshness can’t be beat.”

To achieve the Seafood Trust Eco Label certification, the True North Salmon Company underwent rigorous third-party audits by the International Food Quality Certification (IFQC)/Global Trust, an accredited seafood certification body. Every aspect of its business from hatchery through to processing plants was reviewed.

“True North Salmon and its parent company, Cooke Aquaculture have met the requirements of the Certified Quality Salmon Eco-Standard for its environmental performance in salmon farming. As a result, the company is eligible to use the prestigious Seafood Trust Eco Label certification logo,” says Dave Garforth, Technical Director, IFQC. “Every salmon site across freshwater, sea water, packing and processing has been assessed against the rigorous criteria of the standard through a process of annual or bi-annual site audits and assessments.”

To be accredited, the company had to demonstrate it meets International standards in five key areas across its entire business:

  • 1. Maintenance of a pristine quality marine environment
  • 2. Demonstrated use of feed from sustainable sources
  • 3. Reduction of energy usage and carbon footprint
  • 4. Reduction of water use
  • 5. Reduction of packaging and elimination of waste

True North’s Atlantic salmon are grown year-round in east coast waters in Atlantic Canada and the state of Maine, providing consumers with salmon of unparalleled freshness. Sold under the Heritage Salmon brand, True North’s farmed Atlantic salmon is a popular choice for retailers, chefs, busy professionals, seafood connoisseurs and value conscious families alike.

“Our Heritage Salmon brand of products is already recognized by chefs and consumers for quality and freshness,” says Jean Lamontagne, vice president, marketing, True North Salmon. “Farmed Atlantic salmon has always been a healthy choice, but adding the Seafood Trust Eco Label certification is our guarantee that it’s also the right choice for Mother Nature.”

Based in Black Harbour, New Brunswick, True North Salmon is the processing, distribution and marketing division of Cooke Aquaculture. True North’s Atlantic Salmon are grown in the cold, pristine waters of Eastern Canada and the state of Maine where they are given ample space to swim, top-quality feed, and the care of professional veterinarians and biologists. True North Salmon is dedicated to delivering the freshest salmon, year-round, through its Heritage Salmon brand of products.