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Struggling Community Gets Sustainable Fish Farm

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US - The Idora Neighbour hood of Youngstown, Ohio, will now have its own tilapia fish farm to help improve the community's access to nutritious food, thanks to the Parkview Community Garden group.

The planned farm will be a neighborhood-scale, zero discharge recirculating aquaponics system that will enable the group to raise and harvest healthy and nutritious tilapia, as well as fresh produce year-round.

The system will incorporate environmentally friendly components, including the reuse of an existing large vacant garage structure that is directly across the street from the existing garden site, a solar thermal to heat the water, rain barrels, and sky lights for natural lighting.

Like many inner-city neighbour hoods, the Idora Neighborhood has become a food desert and does not currently have access to a full-service grocery facility.

As the majority of the neighborhoods population is comprised of low income (27 per cent below poverty level) and minority (80 per cent African American) individuals and families, the lack of healthy food options locally presents a serious issue that the project is seeking to overcome.

Support of the project will enable neighbour hood residents to provide themselves with greater access to healthy and fresh food choices.

Being able to raise and harvest fresh fish locally will build upon an already thriving Parkview Community Garden, allowing neighbour hood residents to provide themselves with a locally produced and nutritious meal, supplementing healthy vegetables with a fresh protein option.

The project will also provide an opportunity for neighbour hood residents and participants to gain valuable knowledge about environmentally friendly practices related to urban food production, renewable energy production, and resource conservation, empowering them to implement changes within their own homes to improve the neighborhood's quality of life.