Strong Start for Norwegian Seafood Exports

10 February 2016, at 12:00am

NORWAY - Norway exported seafood with a value of NOK 6.7 billion in January 2016. This represents an increase of more than NOK 1 billion or 18 per cent year-on-year.

”We are leaving behind a strong 2015 with all-time records for Norwegian seafood exports, and entering the new year with an equally strong start. Almost all seafood categories have seen year-on-year increases. January, once again, is an all-time high for total seafood exports when measured by value. Aside from the lower volumes of salmon, which reinforced strong demand and record prices which increased by more than 20 per cent. It is also gratifying to experience such colossal export growth to Spain, a year-on-year increase of 30 per cent. With spawning season now underway January looks set to become the strongest month so far for codfish,” says acting communications director Marit Rein at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Salmon exports are up

Salmon exports were worth NOK 4.3 billion in January. An increase of NOK 644 million or 18 per cent compared with January 2015. The average price achieved for fresh whole salmon increased from NOK 44.21 per kg to NOK 55.62 per kg. The volume of Norwegian salmon exports fell by 3,300 tonnes to 73,500 tons in January 2016. Poland, France and Spain were the biggest importers of Norwegian salmon.

Strong growth for trout exports in January

In January trout exports grew by 124 per cent to total NOK 294 million. By volume, exports grew from 3,500 tonnes to 6,200 tonnes. Belarus, Poland and the United States, were the largest export market for trout in January 2016.

Herring and mackerel also gain

Herring exports totalled NOK 347 million in January. An increase of NOK 129 million or 59 per cent compared with January 2015. Poland and Germany were the strongest export markets for herring in January.

Exports of mackerel increased by NOK 44 million or 20 per cent in January to total NOK 264 million. Japan was the biggest importer of mackerel with a value of NOK 36 million.

Clipfish exports are down

Exports of clipfish fell by NOK 86 million or 19 per cent in January to total NOK 376 million. Brazil was the largest market in January with a value of NOK 218 million.

Salted fish exports are also reduced

Exports of salted fish fell in January by NOK 5 million to an export value of NOK 35 million. Portugal was the biggest market for salted fish with a total value of NOK 14 million in January 2016.

Export growth for fresh and frozen cod

Exports of fresh whole Norwegian Cod increased by NOK 9 million or 5 per cent, to total NOK 168 million. In January, Norway exported codfish worth NOK 34 million. This marks an increase of 88 per cent from January 2015. By volume, exports amounted to 696 tonnes. Frozen cod exports increased in value by NOK 157 million to total NOK 302 million in January.