Stricter Laws Needed to Keep Illegal Fishing Under Control

10 July 2015, at 1:00am

THAILAND - The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has suggested that the Thai government undergo a legal reform in order to raise the standards of the fishing industry.

FAO Senior Fishery Officer, Simon Funge-Smith, said in a seminar on the future of the fishing industry in Thailand that similar issues occurring around the world are due to the lack of legal punishments and attention to illegal unreported and unregulated fishing.

Mr Smith cited the need to legislate a law to specifically deal with fisheries-related issues. He added, however, that the drafting process of the law can’t be rushed in order to ensure there is no room for mistakes.

The government should also pay attention to improving human resources in the fisheries industry and be determined to solve the ongoing problems. It also needs to have a good policy in order to mirror the positive image of the Thai fishing industry to the global community.