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Stable Seafood Exports in July

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NORWAY - Norway exported seafood worth NOK 3.5 billion in July. It is the same value as for the month of July last year. So far this year, seafood exports stand at 28.3 billion, a decrease of 1.3 billion or 4.3 per cent compared to same period last year.

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"Despite the economic turmoil in the markets, the demand for Norwegian seafood products good, even in countries which are characterized by crisis. The first half of exports was dominated by a much lower salmon prices than the year before. In July, the price difference is smaller and larger volumes, which in total gives a value growth of salmon exports," says Egil Ove Sundheim, director of market information at the Norwegian sjmatrd.

Increase in salmon exports

The export of salmon was 2.3 billion in July, an increase of 58 million or 2.6 per cent compared to July last year. So far this year, exports of salmon are 16.3 billion which is down at 932 million or five per cent compared to same period last year. Lower export prices are the reason for the decline. The average price for whole fresh Norwegian salmon in July is 27.05 million, compared with 31.14 million in July 2011. France and Russia are the biggest buyers of salmon from Norway.

Trout exports were on the same level as in July last year and amounted to 118 million. So far this year, exports of trout are 917 million kroner, an increase of NOK 183 million compared to 2011. The largest buyers of trout are Norway, Russia and Japan.

Up for herring and mackerel

Exports of herring increased by 92 million or 73 per cent in July to a total value of 219 million. So far this year, exports of herring are 2.4 billion which is the same level as 2011. Russia and Germany are the largest markets for herring.

Mackerel in July increased by 16 million to a total of 68 million. So far this year, the growth of mackerel is by 353 million to a total of 1.2 billion. For mackerel, Russia and China are the main markets.

Down dried fish, salted fish up

Clip fish exports fell by 12 million in July to a total value of 228 million. Exports divided by 118 million of cod, 92 million on pollock, while the remainder is distributed as ling, tusk and other groundfish. The largest market for dried cod is Portugal, while Brazil is the main market for dried saithe.

Exports of salted fish, including fillets, increased by 14 million in July and ended on a total of 39 million. 32 million of this is cod. Portugal is the largest market for salted fish.

Decline of fresh and frozen cod

Exports of fresh cod fell by 23 million in July to a total value of 34 million. In July, falling exports of frozen cod fillets was by 26 million to a total of 89 million.