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Skretting launches new feed formulation

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Aquafeed company Skretting has announced the launch of a new feed formulation concept through which it aims to increase the precision of and efficacy of its feeds whilst reducing unnecessary excess.

A Chilean salmon farm.
The new feed formulation will be available to the Chilean salmonid market later this year

Skretting, a leading producer of aquafeeds, has this week announced the launch of a new feed formulation concept, AmiNova, through which they aim to bring an even greater level of precision to fish nutrition.

Traditionally, aquaculture feeds have been formulated based on crude protein and, subsequently, on digestible protein. With AmiNova, Skretting aim to introduce a new way of formulating, based on an ideal digestible amino acid profile. By evaluating the total amino acid level that is effectively ingested by the fish and removing the unnecessary excess, the nutritional needs of fish can be met with increased precision and efficiency.

“Research and development results have shown that, with AmiNova, the fish are able to retain nutrients in a more efficient way, while maintaining performance. Our trials with salmon and trout have shown a significant reduction in nitrogen discharge into the farm environment,” says Ramón Fontanillas, a principal researcher at Skretting Aquaculture Innovation, in a press announcement.

Skretting aims to have AmiNova formulated feed available for the Chilean salmonid market in Q3 of 2024, with further countries and species to follow.

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