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Skretting launches feed for farmed barramundi

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As barramundi farming practices are scaled up to meet the growing market demand for the fish, Skretting have launched a tailor-made feed to help farmers meet their production goals.

Cosmos - a new formulated feed for barramundi - will first be available in Australia

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Barramundi, also known as Asian sea bass, is rapidly gaining traction as a popular seafood in markets around the world, and as farmers scale up their production of the fish to meet market demand, aquafeed company Skretting has launched “Cosmos” - a new barramundi-specific feed to cater to the needs of the industry.

To help farmers of barramundi realise their production goals, the diet has been formulated over the last 3 years to offer a balance of digestible protein, energy, and phosphorous, with recent trials showing that Cosmos is efficient for both growth and feed conversion.

“These are very exciting times for the barramundi sector and Cosmos is a feed solution that will not only support producers looking to scale-up their operations cost-effectively, it will also help them maximise the value of their fish,” said Leiner Lache, global marketing manager for warm water species at Skretting, in a press release announcing the launch.

The feed will initially be available only in Australia, where it has been trialled in farm environments since 2022.

“We extensively use Cosmos on our farms and are very impressed with the significant improvements to fish performance. It’s clear that the research that has gone into the product has taken Skretting’s understanding of Barramundi nutrition to the next level,” said Justin Forrester, general manager at Coral Coast Barramundi, one of the early adopters of the feed.

“Being a native species to Australia, barramundi holds a special place in our hearts. We take immense pride in introducing a high-premium product, Cosmos, tailored specifically for the barramundi market. The Skretting Australia team has worked in close collaboration with Skretting AI, to pair global R&D competencies with our local excellence to create the best possible product to support barramundi performance in optimal conditions,” said Pinar Demir Soker, product manager at Skretting Australia.

“Our aim with Cosmos is simple yet ambitious - to empower our farmers to unlock the highest potential of their farms through a high-performing diet, ultimately supporting the sustainable development of the Australian barramundi industry," she added.

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