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Shellfish Prices Rise Due To Oil Crisis

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US - Due to the big amounts of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico every day following the spill, the cost of the shellfish is likely to increase.

Restaurants and other grocery houses are spending nearly 40 per cent extra costs for the shrimp, oysters and crawfish.

John Reed, owner of Mad Jack’s Fresh Fish in Kansas City, told Top News that the oil spill had triggered an alarm in the fishing industry as the supplier rushed to fill their stocks immediately. These factors have elevated the cost.

“So from the time I placed my order on May 7 to when the load got in on May 21, (prices) went up 20 per cent”, he added.

Mad Jack’s has raised the cost by $2 a pound on gulf shrimp. Most of its supply is observed from Florida, Texas and Louisiana.

Robert Padilla, Chief Executive, Trezo Mare Restaurant and Lounge in the Northland, said there are many issues that concern the seafood providers, which include the hygiene, sustainability and their far-off outcomes of the spill.

Martin May, spokesman for the Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing in Florida, assured that the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Department of Environmental Protection, are keeping track of the purity of both water and the seafood products.