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Sea Lice Resistance

by 5m Editor
10 March 2010, at 12:00am

CANADA - Concerns have been raised that sea lice on salmon farms may be becoming resistant to SLICE - the prescribed treatment used on British Columbia (BC) salmon farms.

While there have been some problems with drug resistance in the Atlantic Ocean, research tells us that the species of sea lice in the Pacific Ocean are a different variety and are being treated successfully by SLICE, says the BC Salmon Farmers Association .

Dr Sonja Saksida with the BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences (CAHS) has recently submitted a new research paper on the topic to the Journal of Fish Diseases for peer review.

“After looking at five years of sea lice treatment data from BC salmon farming sites, we see no signs of resistance,” said Dr Saksida.

To further ensure that remains the case, CAHS will begin further testing on resistance in April this year.


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