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Satellite company R3-IoT rebrands as Krucial as it brings its Connected Seafarm online

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R3-IoT – now named Krucial – is helping the aquaculture industry make the digital transformation as it launches its Krucial Connected Seafarm trial package.

Allan Cannon and Kevin Quillien
Satellite scale-up company R3-IoT has rebranded as Krucial

Krucial Co-founder and CEO Allan Cannon (L) and Krucial Co-founder and CTO Kevin Quillien (R)

The trial package has been designed as a full end-to-end data services solution with IoT-enabled sensors that can be installed on site in six hours or less. The Connected Seaform package contains specific sensors and a weather station that is ready for deployment in just one day, letting aquaculture operators avail of satellite uplinks without needing technical experience or costly maintenance. The intuitive package easily automates data collection across multiple pens, farms and infrastructure to spot trends and enable operators to make more informed decisions to improve efficiency, increase sustainability and better understand conditions.

In-situ weather data, environmental data (such as water quality) and operational data collected is automatically transmitted securely via the cloud, and sent to the Krucial Aquatics Insights Platform, which displays easy-to-understand graphs and charts on everything from salinity to water temperature on mobile and desktop devices.

According to a news release from the company, the Seafarm trial package includes the Krucial cell and Krucial Mote, which collects data from sensors and transmits it to either satellite or cellular networks. It also includes other sensors that measure dissolved oxygen, salinity, two temperature probes and an eleven-parameter weather station. Krucial also created an insights platform to display production data.

Allan Cannon, co-founder and CEO of Krucial, said, “our bespoke aquaculture trial package features everything a fish farmer needs to digitise their site and operations. This drop-in infrastructure can be deployed within six hours, so users gain almost immediate oversight of conditions and assets, is extremely flexible and can be expanded to suit customer needs – providing decision-makers with critical data and information regardless of location.

“As Krucial continues to grow under our new identity, we are committed to helping the aquaculture industry digitise and yield the full benefits of space technology. Aquaculture’s ambition to feed the world sustainably is exciting – and I’m confident Krucial can play a major part in supporting that goal.”

data and sensor suite for a fish farm
The Krucial Connected Seafarm trial kit

The trial package has been designed as a full end-to-end data services solution with IoT-enabled sensors that can be installed on site in six hours or less

Krucial, which was founded as R3-IoT in 2018 by Allan Cannon and co-founder and CEO Kevin Quillien, closed a £3.1 million ($4.3 million) seed investment round in July 2021 led by US-based VC Space Capital, joined by the Scottish National Investment Bank.

Other investors include the University of Strathclyde, alongside North American-based Ryan Johnson, former CEO of BlackBridge, Nathan Kundtz, CEO of, and Loren Padelford, former GM of Revenue at Shopify.Scottish Enterprise also became shareholders and continue to support the company.

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