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Salmon Summit On Migration And Mortality

by 5m Editor
2 September 2011, at 1:00am

FRANCE - A Salmon Summit will take place in France to bring together the latest scientific advances in understanding the migration and mortality of salmon at sea, and will consider the management implications of this research.

The summit, an international conference of scientists and managers, will take place in La Rochelle, France, 11- 13 October.

The Salmon Summit will share new information now available through ocean tracking of Atlantic salmon, DNA analysis of individual salmon and their populations, and the new scientific methods that can trace in a salmon's scale where it has travelled.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)and those associated with its research programs will contribute expertise gained through ASF's pioneering tracking program that has followed Atlantic salmon more than half way from their home rivers in North America to Greenland feeding grounds.

Jonathan Carr, ASFs Director of Research and Environment, will present a poster focused on the survival of kelts in estuaries and near-shore waters.

Dr Fred Whoriskey, Head of Dalhousie Universitys Ocean Tracking Program, will present an overview on the conclusions and results of ASFs sonic tracking programme.

Arrays of receivers from the Bay of Fundy, off Halifax, and throughout the Gulf of St. Lawrence are giving new understanding of the migration and challenges facing Atlantic salmon smolt.

The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO) and the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) are hosting the Salmon Summit.

For further details, access the Salmon Summit's web page:


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