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Salmon of The Americas Launches New Web Sites

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US - The ocean farmed salmon trade association, Salmon of the Americas, recently unveiled two new web sites targeting both consumers and retailers.

Salmon of the Americas, an ocean farmed salmon trade association, announced it has recently launched two new informational websites geared towards both consumers and retailers. The new Salmon of the Americas website provides countless ideas for tasty recipes as well as nutritional information to consumers. Salmon of the America’s retail-based website focuses on supplying factual data and medical study results to both retailers and buyers, informing them of the numerous health benefits of farm raised salmon.

Representing salmon-producing companies in both North and South America, the mission of Salmon of the Americas is to offer accurate and timely information about salmon to improve the health and awareness of consumers in North America. The salmon farming industry is committed to providing the highest quality product to consumers, while also employing environmentally sound practices to ensure sustainability of the salmon species.

“We are very excited to simultaneously launch two websites that provide truthful, research-based information about salmon. Not only do these websites offer fun facts and recipes, but they also give consumers and retailers the detailed information they need to better understand the benefits of salmon and salmon farming,” says Laura McNauchton of Salmon of the Americas.

Salmon of the Americas' consumer website provides a wealth of information about cooking and enjoying the health benefits of salmon. The site features a free, downloadable recipe book from several experienced chefs, as well as detailed instructions on how to properly prepare salmon for cooking. To offset consumers’ uncertainty on how to select the best salmon, the website offers a special section on tips of what to look for when purchasing at the fish counter and the different cuts of salmon available. Additionally, the "Health, Nutrition and Taste" portion of the website provides current factual data on the many health benefits of salmon oil.

Along with the consumer website, Salmon of the Americas’ retail-based website offers current nutritional data about salmon. The retail website, named "Salmon Facts," is also an online resource for retailers and buyers to gain knowledge of the many issues surrounding the salmon ocean farming industry. "Salmon Facts" provides up-to-date news and reports about the environmental impact of salmon farming, factors affecting the salmon industry, as well as the results of new food safety studies.

"Salmon of the Americas is committed to creating public awareness of salmon and the salmon farming industry. Through the factual information provided on both of our new websites, consumers and retailers will appreciate the many benefits of this healthy and tasty renewable resource," says McNauchton.