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Salmon farmers stay stoical despite Panorama "exposé"

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Scotland’s salmon farmers have denied any wrongdoing despite allegations made on a Panorama investigation, which was aired on BBC 1 last night.

Panorama claimed that its programme - Salmon Farming Exposed - “reveals multiple Scottish salmon farming companies” are being investigated by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) for possible misreporting of the use of chemicals.

Ian Roberts, head of communications at Mowi Scotland

However, Mowi – Scotland’s largest salmon producer – said the SEPA visits were part of a routine auditing process.

Ian Roberts, head of communications at Mowi Scotland, told Panorama: “We have confidence in what we’re reporting for medications, it is used sparingly; we of course vaccinate our fish to protect them from fish health challenges.

“And we have confidence in the numbers that we’re providing so of course we’re supporting SEPA in their audit, which has been ongoing for six months and involving the industry.”

Meanwhile the Scottish Salmon Producer’s Organisation (SSPO) said in a statement issued last night: “Publicity by the BBC around the Panorama broadcast appears to sensationalise the operations of a farming sector raising live animals day to day in natural surroundings and the routine dealings with the environmental regulator that all farmers, regardless of stock, are subject to.”