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Sainsbury Offers Customers To Switch The Fish

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UK - With support from TV chef Jamie Oliver, UK supermarket, Sainsbury, is launching 'switch the fish', a sustainability campaign to encourage customers to eat alternative fish species instead of the popular 'Big 5': cod, haddock, tuna, salmon and prawns.

In a move to reduce pressure on the 'Big 5' species, 17 June will be the first day when Sainsbury's customers asking for one of the 'Big 5' species of fish from its fish counters will be offered an alternative, lesser known species for free (while stocks last)

The free fish will also come with butter/marinade and cooking instructions in order to get people started with the new varieties.

With 80 per cent of fish sales currently made up of the 'Big 5', Sainsbury's believes this is the boldest move yet by any UK retailer to encourage customers to widen their repertoire in fish and make more sustainable choices.

Taking Channel four's Great British Fish Fight a step further, this unprecedented move allows customers to try varieties such as pouting, megrim, coley, and mackerel, in a risk-free way helping to alleviate pressure on declining fish stocks and reduce waste from fishing.

The campaign will also reach out to consumers through its roadshow. The Switch the Fish van will be visiting cities and stores across England and Scotland where it will be offering samples of alternative species and educating consumers on sustainable fish sourcing.

Justin King, Sainsbury's CEO said: "Sainsbury's Switch the Fish campaign really marks a step change in our support of alternative species of fish.”

“It's not about eliminating the ‘Big 5', but helping our customers to widen their repertoire. We hope that by leading by example, we can help change UK fish eating habits to restore declining fish stocks."

Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries, Richard Benyon MP added: "This is exactly the sort of thing we've been working hard for in government - sustainable fish stocks and the conservation of our precious marine environment for future generations.”

"If more people start to choose a wider variety of fish, this will help in our battle to end the terrible waste of millions of edible fish being thrown back into the sea dead because of an outdated system. I'd like to congratulate Sainsbury's for all the work it's doing on this issue."

Commenting on his support of the campaign, Jamie Oliver said: "Earlier this year I joined the debate to encourage people to try new, less loved fish which had a great response.”

“Sainsbury's is really taking the next step with its campaign ‘Switch the Fish' demonstrating its commitment to getting customers to widen their choice when it comes to eating something other than the ‘Big 5'.“

“Offering free alternative fish is a great way to do this and will in turn help people be a bit more adventurous when they come to do their next shop," he concluded.

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