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Russian Inspection of Norwegian Slaughter Facilities Prosponed

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NORWAY and RUSSIA - The planned inspection by Russian veterinary staff of Norwegian salmon slaughterhouses approved for export of salmon and trout to Russia has been postponed until the autumn.

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"The Veterinary Service believes it is most appropriate to implement the inspection when they have received all reports from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority," said Ole Fjetland, Assistant Director of Agriculture.

All salmon slaughterhouses to export salmon and trout from Russia must be approved by the Russian veterinary. In May, 13 Norwegian salmon slaughterhouses were restricted from exporting fresh salmon and trout to Russia by the Russian veterinary. They could, however, continue to export frozen salmon and trout.

A new inspection has been proposed for September and Mr Fjetland says the Russian Veterinary Authority will be kept updated with results.

The Norwegian Authority has, in the past month, used all available resources to follow up the matter. Three teams from the Authority have in the past month inspected all salmon slaughterhouses across the country that are approved for export to Russia. Meanwhile, the Food Safety Authority introduced stricter certification rules that should help the Russian demands to be met.

Status as of 7 June is thus that 32 companies can export salmon and trout to Russia, 21 companies can export fresh and frozen trout, while 11 only can export frozen.