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Russian Fish Processor to Build Four New Facilities, Increase Workforce

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RUSSIA Russias fish processor Kurilsk Universal Complex has become a strategic investor in local fish processor Ostrovny Rybokombinat and plans to build four new facilities on the Shikotan island where the company is based.

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These are to include a fish processing plant, two cold storage facilities, and a packaging plant. This is related to plans to turn Ostrovny Rybokombinat into Russia’s leading canned fish producer. The firm aims to overhaul its existing fish processing plant and build new facilities, according to senior company representatives.

Mikhail Zaitsev, the general director of Ostrovny Rybokombinat, said that the firm’s fish processing facility is operated by a workforce of about 200 employees, of which some 100 are inhabitants of the Shikotan island. Since late December 2016, the company has hired close to 40 new employees, and Ostrovny Rybokombinat is aiming to create further jobs at the plant through launching a second shift, according to the chief executive.

Zaitsev told local news site that the company’s “canned products are made from high-quality raw material”, and Ostrovny Rybokombinat is in talks with foreign manufacturers of fish processing equipment to acquire new machinery for its facilities.

“We have already discussed this with potential suppliers from South Korea. Our representatives visited Norway and Alaska, and we are cooperating with a number of manufacturers of modern equipment,” Zaitsev said, adding that the technological upgrade will enable Ostrovny Rybokombinat to significantly increase its output capacity and sales.

The fish processor ships its output to a distribution centre in the Chelyabinsk Oblast region which manages its distribution to other parts of Russia.

Shikotan is located in the Kuril Islands archipelago, and is administered by Russia as part of the country’s Sakhalin Oblast region in the Far East.