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RK2 Systems Inc Delivering High Quality Protein Fractionation Equipment

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GLOBAL - Established in 1991, RK2 Systems, Inc. has been driven by one goal - to manufacture the highest quality protein fractionation equipment available within the global market.

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Protein Fractionation filtration removes suspended particulates, dissolved organics, proteins and tints. At the same time, protein fractionation lowers bacteria and pathogen concentrations, while saturating the water with oxygen. Traditional water filtration systems, (i.e: pressurized sand filters, bead filters and cartridge filters), remove particulates but are ineffective against dissolved wastes and act as breeding grounds for bacteria and pathogens.

The company is continuously incorporating the newest technologies within its equipment portfolio, insuring that clients receive the maximum return on their investment.

RK2 System's available products are suited for both small and large applications within seawater and freshwater environments with individual units operating flow rates ranging from 7 LPM to 7570 LPM.

For larger flow demands, the company offers a complete line up of modular systems which allow us to confidently handle any application size.

In addition, RK2 Systems will continue to offer clients custom equipment fabrication tailored to specifically meet their unique needs.

"We take great pride in ourselves as market leaders by supplying you, our valued customers and associates, with direct access to friendly technical consultation. Our goal is simple; provide our clients with practical, cost effective solutions guaranteeing your success with our systems time and time again. We take the time to carefully review your project to ensure your success," stated the company.

Through its continuous involvement with the aquaculture industry, the company has accumulated thousands of satisfied clients ranging from public aquarium facilities worldwide to intensive closed recirculation zero discharge aquaculture systems in both freshwater and seawater environments.

It is through these efforts that the company is proud to offer practical, cost-effective solutions for you, the customer.

Please give us a call or send us an email to let us know how we can help you.

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