Reusable Fish Packaging Helps Industry Along Sustainability Path

21 January 2016, at 12:00am

UK - For a long time now, conservationists and marine biologists have cautioned the over fishing of oceans and the depletion of the worlds wild fish stocks.

In recent years, we have seen a great move towards sustainable fishing practises. However, despite the best efforts thus far, at our current rate of fish consumption the world is on track to deplete our wild fish stocks within the next century.

As suppliers of returnable packaging, PPS have been working with major fish retailers for over 30 years in changing the way they manage their fish transportation models. During that time the industry has seen a fast depleting fish stock throughout the UK and Europe.

Within the UK, grocery chains such as Marks and Spencer’s have been working on growing awareness around sustainable fishing practises within Europe. Offering their customers fish from sustainable sources as well as information about what fish they should be eating for a sustainable future.

Different regions have different varietals of fish that are indigenous to those regions. Sourcing fish that come from their indigenous waters will ensure that the world’s wild fish stocks will gain a longevity that we are currently not seeing.

As a specialist in the fishing industry, Kate Williamson from PPS outlines: “PPS supply reusable fish packaging that is used on board sustainable fishing vessels. We have been working closely with the fishing industry since 1985, and hope to continue to do so through the encouragement of sustainable and socially responsible fishing practices for the seafood industry”.

The infographic below outlines the major cities that PPS supply fish crates too as well as what fish can be sustainably sourced from those regions.

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