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Retailers Commit to MSC, ASC, WWF Think Fish Campaign

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NETHERLANDS - Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and World Wide Fund for NatureNetherlands (WWF-NL) have claimed the second week of September as Think Fish Week.

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Dutch retailers will actively promote the wide range of MSC and ASC labelled products available to shoppers through in-store nationwide advertising. The campaign will encourage consumers to make an informed choice for sustainably wild-caught (MSC) and responsibly farmed seafood (ASC).

The first ‘Think Fish Week’ is supported by over 85 per cent of Dutch supermarkets*, reflecting the growing support and awareness among retailers and consumers for environmentally responsible seafood.

Nearly 3,300 outlets will be displaying MSC and ASC labelled products, including Albert Heijn, Netherlands largest supermarket chain, Lidl, COOP and Spar. Foodservice suppliers Sligro and Sodexo will also join the campaign, bringing certified seafood to the forefront in workplace and school canteens throughout the country.

An informed choice

During the ‘Think Fish Week’ consumers will find out more about sustainably wild-caught and responsibly farmed seafood and how they can make an informed choice in the supermarket.

Through their buying choices, shoppers for seafood are rewarding certified fisheries and farms for their responsible practices. This means customers can contribute to preserving healthy fish stocks, protect vulnerable coastal zones and ensure that seafood can continue to feed a growing population in the future.

Retailers play an important role

"Retailers have an important role to play in promoting sustainable seafood," says Nicolas Guichoux, MSC Global Commercial Director. "By sourcing and promoting certified products they help their customers to make responsible choices when shopping for fish. It is wonderful to see our partners supporting the ‘Think Fish Week’ and actively promoting sustainable seafood."

"We are delighted to work with MSC and WWF-Netherlands on the ‘Think Fish Week’," says Bas Geerts, Standards Director ASC. "This campaign will help grow the global market for responsible seafood and inform consumers about the impact of their choices and how they can help the aquaculture industry become more environmentally and socially responsible."

Elies Arps, Senior Advisor Sustainable Markets WWF-NL adds: "Our oceans are diverse and beautiful, but also vulnerable and important for our existence. Fish is the main source of protein for around one billion people. Furthermore, seafood is healthy and affordable. As the world’s population grows, the demand for protein-rich food and, thus, fish will increase. Oceans are overfished, mangroves are destroyed to make room for fish farms, and large fishing nets are damaging the seabed and coral reefs that act as nurseries. Consumers often believe that they do not have the power to act on these issues. But by choosing seafood with the ASC or MSC label they can make a difference and help to protect the oceans."

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