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Registration Open for November 2014 Sturgeon Conference

24 October 2014, at 1:00am

POLAND - The 7th International Sturgeon Conference is taking place on 26 November 2014, Warsaw, Poland. Registration is now open.

Sturgeon farmers, producers, scientists and organisations representatives from all over the world gather in one place for the Aller Aqua International Sturgeon Conference.

That event gives an unique opportunity to meet, talk and solve problems concerned sturgeon production sector.

The International Sturgeon Conference creates a forum for practical knowledge exchange. One of the rising customer demands is the clear identification of the products, which is of high importance in the case of sturgeon and caviar products.

Efficient ways of species identification and quality of caviar are therefore issues to be addressed during the conference.

There will be of course also an update about current global sturgeon and caviar production. Market’s perspective on luxury goods enrich this matter. A special attention will be paid to Goslawice Fish Farm from Poland, which enters into a new, worldwide stage of development.

The conference will be held at the Airport Hotel Okecie, 17 Stycznia 24, Warsaw

For more information and registration visit

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