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Record NOK 1 Billion Norwegian Cod Exports in April

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NORWAY - Norway exported seafood worth NOK 5.4 billion in April. A modest decline of NOK 386 million or seven per cent compared with April last year.

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So far this year, seafood exports have totalled NOK 22.5 billion, which is at the same level as 2014.

”For this year we see that April figures are slightly below last year's records. One explanation for this is that the prices achieved for salmon are somewhat lower when Russia – formerly one of our key markets - is no longer part of the export picture. Prices are still at a high level. In terms of volume, Norwegian salmon exports remain at the same level as a year earlier. By volume, our year-to-date exports are in fact higher than in the same period in 2014. We also see reasons to celebrate given that for the first time, Norway has exported cod fish worth more than NOK 1 billion during a single month," said Geir Bakkevoll, Communications Director with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Both cod and saithe set export records this month, with increases of 35 and 33 per cent respectively compared with the same month last year.

”Behind these impressive numbers we note high catch and activity levels at the fish factories during the Easter period. It is also gratifying to see that a focus on securing quality along the whole value chain is paying off in terms of increased prices achieved for our quality labelled skrei cod,” said Mr Bakkevoll.

Declining prices for salmon

Salmon exports totalled NOK 3.5 billion in April. This is a decline of NOK 362 million or 9 per cent compared with April 2014. The price for fresh whole salmon fell from NOK 45.30 to NOK 39.93 per kilo. Volume remained at the same level as last year approximately 82,000 tonnes for all types of salmon. Poland, France and Britain are the biggest export markets for Norwegian salmon.

Trout exports are down

Trout exports in April fell by NOK 88 million or 37 per cent to a total of NOK 147 million. Belarus was the biggest export market for trout in April.

Clipfish sales grow

Clipfish exports increased by NOK 21 million or 12 per cent to reach an export value of NOK 196 million in April. Portugal was the biggest market in April with a value of NOK 55 million.

Salted fish exports increase

Exports of salted fish including fillets, increased by NOK 107 million, or 69 per cent to reach a total of NOK 263 million in April. Portugal remains our biggest market for salted fish with a total value of NOK 227 million in April.

Both fresh and frozen cod grow

Exports of fresh cod, including fillets increased by NOK 69 million or 33 per cent to total NOK 277 million in April. With a total market value of NOK 272 million, the EU remains the biggest export region for Norwegian fresh cod. Frozen cod sales increased by NOK 28 million or 21 per cent to total NOK 162 million in April. Collectively, the EU is also the largest importer of frozen cod worth NOK 118 million. Year on year growth across the EU region is a very positive 64 per cent.