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Protest Over WWFs Aquaculture Certification

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GLOBAL - Human rights and environmental groups from around the world are protesting over the planned launch of the World Wildlife Fund's Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

In a letter sent on 14 May to leading members of WWF, campaigners claim said the organisation's plans to certify the industrial production of shrimp and salmon are influenced by the vested interests of the aquaculture industry, and do not reflect or take into account the wishes of local communities and indigenous peoples who live alongside shrimp and salmon farms.

They are also angry, becasue they claim that WWF has rebufed invitations to meet with representatives of affected communities in six different aquaculture regions across the world.

According to One World the campaigners also claim that the planned certification process is inherently flawed in favour of the aquaculture industry.

The are concerned about the industry involvement in the certification process and WWF impartiality.

They fear that the certification will legitimise environmentally damaging forms of aquaculture.

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