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Protection is better than cure for young salmonids

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GLOBAL - Prevention is better than cure, as the old saying goes and nowhere is this truer than in aquaculture where optimising the management and control of fish health is a key component of profitability. Once an infection has taken hold as a full blown outbreak, producers can be faced with expensive treatments such as antibiotics or the grim alternative cost of stock losses.

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Thankfully there are other tools. The routine use of a widely approved disinfectant like Halamid® remains important as a preventative treatment of fresh water, particularly in the early life stages of salmonids.

Good hygiene at this sensitive stage can dramatically reduce infection pressure from bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens so helping to keep newly delivered eggs clean and unvaccinated fry free from challenges to which they may have little resistance.

Chris Mitchell, National Sales Manager with Pharmaq in the UK and Ireland explains: “It’s always a relief for my customers to see fish which had been exhibiting early signs of infestation become more settled following a treatment of the water with Halamid®. Poor water quality is particularly associated with gill conditions and it is here that Halamid® exerts its influence in a safe, gentle but highly effective way which makes it a key element in the management of gill health."

Toby Heppenstall, General Manager at Axcentive, adds: “The uniqueness of Halamid® lies in its mild ecological profile which belies its renowned efficacy. We promote the sustainability of Halamid based on a wide range of positive ecotox results and its ready biodegradability – and this profile is of real interest as producers contemplate the end of Formalin and other toxic alternatives”.

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