Portugal Looks to Treble Aquaculture Production

31 August 2016, at 1:00am

PORTUGAL - Portugal's Ministry of Marine Affairs is looking to double its aquaculture production by 2020 and treble it by 2023.

The government also hopes to ultimately treble the investments made in the sector from €58 million to nearly €150 million.

This growth is hoped to be achieved through the entry into force of a set of measures, reports Publico.

Minister Ana Paula Vitorino says that expectations are more realistic than ambitious given the huge growth potential of the sector.

The Aquaculture + plan seeks to show the commitment of the government to overcoming the problems that prevent the emergence of more entrepreneurs in the industry.

"There is a high demand in the EU for seafood and therefore room for a growth in exports. It is also important to reduce our own imports," the minister said.