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Port Mouton Bay Receives Moratorium on Farms

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NEW ZEALAND - Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald announced an "indefinite" moratorium on more finfish aquaculture farming in bay Port Mouton Bay after years of lobbying from a local group.

He made the announcement during his speech at a South Queens Chamber of Commerce Meet and Greet, reported NovaNews earlier today.

Norman told the organisation, "I really want to thank everybody who worked so hard on this for these past three years." She added she plans to personally telephone everyone who is involved with the group.

Premier MacDonald said the reasons are related to the area's protected lands, including Carter's Beach, and "because we're listening to the community."

Aqua Fish Farms Ltd. applied about seven years ago to develop a 28-hectare (70 acres) salmon farm. It would have been the largest salmon site in Nova Scotia.

Friends of Port Mouton Bay, utilizing scientists, fishermen, environmental groups, academics and residents in general, carried out numerous scientific studies in hopes of persuading Transport Canada to reject the application at the Environmental Assessment stage. No decision had been made although Friends members claimed they were advised it was against them.

The primary argument was the bay didn't flush waste properly as it is a basin, which could destroy the area's pristine environment and therefore tourism, new home construction and, most of all, the area's historic lobster fishery.