Pesquera Catalunya Chilean Mussels go Friend of the Sea Certified

11 April 2014, at 1:00am

CHILE - Dani has been approved as Friend of the Sea certified for Chilean mussels (Mytilis chilensis) farmed by Pesquera Catalunya in Southeast Pacific (FAO area nr. 87).

The Company is one the most dynamic in the Spanish market for food products. A comprehensive traceability system is in place to guarantee that all Friend of the Sea requirements are fulfilled and that no mixing occurs between certified and not certified origins.

Their deepwater oceanic marine farms are a unique growing environment. The mussels are farmed in the open ocean using surface waters. They are nurtured under strict quality and environmental conditions until ready for growing-out.

From an environmental perspective, Dani conducts a low impact farming operation which complies with all Friend of the Sea standard.

"Pesquera Catalunya mussel production is surely an example of sustainable seafood to be followed by the whole aquaculture industry," explained Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea.

"We understand that Friend of the Sea is the most recognised aquaculture sustainability standard in the world and the fact that our company has achieved this certification is a very clear message for our customers and our suppliers about our commitment," added Mr Xevi Sánchez, of Grupo Dani.