Pentair Releases New Sweetwater Bead Filters

19 May 2016, at 1:00am

US - Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems has announced the release of it Sweetwater Bead Filters which are specifically engineered to deliver both mechanical and biological filtration in one highly efficient package.

Applications include koi ponds, public aquariums, zoos, hatcheries, research facilities, aquaponics, quarantine and environmental biological recovery systems. Robustly constructed heavy-duty fiberglass filter vessels are rated at maximum 50 PSI and designed to hold up to 4500 ft2 of biological contact surface area in a small footprint.

Backwashes are accomplished with ease using a blower system. The blower aggressively agitates the debris collected in the media bed and suspends it in the water column to be backwashed. Water clarity monitoring during backwash cycles and the return stream is convenient using built-in sight glasses.

If separate mechanical filtration is provided upstream, pond size and fish capacity can as much as double when the bead filter is used for biological filtration only. Pond volume and fish load capacity numbers are nominal and sizing requirements should be determined by daily feed rate.

Bead filters include control valve and filtration vessel mounted on a rigid plastic base, with a 120V 60 Hz blower, 2” union connections, and filter bead media. Ships Ground. One-year warranty.

  • Innovative flow control protects against friction loss by eliminating unnecessary flow restrictions inside the system allowing greater water flow
  • Both an excellent mechanical and biological filter
  • Clear sight glasses allow you to monitor filtered effluent and waste discharge streams
  • Bottom mounted sludge drain discharges heavy solids without media interference
  • Bypass function isolates beneficial bacteria and media without disturbing normal water flow. Ideal for medicating the aquatic environment without killing the beneficial bacteria.
  • High-output blower fluidizes and pre-washes media prior to backwash, reducing the amount of water needed to clean the system, which increases biological efficiency
  • Removable diffuser inlet makes for easy cleaning