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US - Solarbrook Water and Power Corporation's Clean Water Scientific Inc division was issued a patent with the "US Patent and Trademark Office" for what it calls a "landmark oxygenation process for the fish farming and aquaculture markets."

The method uses superfine bubbles of oxygen to increase and then maintain Dissolved Oxygen (DO) content in water for fish farming.

In recent years, fish farming has turned to high density farming practices using ponds, tanks, or large cages constructed of a rigid frame and covered by netting.

The higher concentration of fish results in higher oxygen demands, which the Solarbrook system can provide. This new patent will allow the company to move into this aquaculture oxygenation market. Today fish farming is a 70 billion dollar market worldwide and with demand increasing for seafood Solarbrook projects the market will continue to grow. The aeration efficiency of the new Solarbrook system in field trials shorten harvest cycles by one month which relates to better feed conversion, and less stressed fish. This technology will blend with Solarbrook's solar capabilities and products to provide power for off grid locations.

According to George Moore, CEO of Solarbrook: "The advances made in oxygen delivery systems made by CWSI have been tested in the field, and a 'Sea Grant' application has been applied for to allow North Carolina State University to oversee the abilities of the system. We feel sure this will improve not only oxygen levels, but also the food conversion rates and cycle time needed to bring fish to market size."

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