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Occurrence of IPN in Juvenile Rainbow Trout in Inland Waters

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FINLAND - In July, the IPN disease (infectious pancreatic necrosis) was detected in two inland water fish farms located in the river basins of Kymijoki and Vuoksi.

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The disease was last found in inland waters in March 2012 in the Kymijoki river basin. The virus causing the IPN disease is discovered in the Finnish sea area every year, but in the past, it has been very rare in inland waters. The IPN virus is harmless to people and does not prevent the consumption of affected fish.

Typical symptoms of IPN were detected in rainbow trout in one of the two fish farms that have now tested positive for the disease. In the other farm, samples were taken as part of routine testing. It is possible that the virus causing the IPN disease transferred from one of the two fish farms to the other through fish or equipment prior to the detection of the disease. Further investigations and measures to prevent the spread of IPN within inland waters have begun.

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