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Obstacles to Overcome Before Clean Seas Commercialise Bluefin

by 5m Editor
14 May 2009, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - About 250 fingerlings have been kept from this year's trial breeding programme of Clean Seas Tuna. Whilst the company has overcome many problems there are still some obstacles in the way before they can begin commercialisation.

According to a report by Nigel Austin of AdelaideNow, Clean Seas Tuna chairman Hagen Stehr said the company had kept three batches of fingerlings for research and development trials this year.

According to the news organisation, Clean Seas have been having problems with the location of the Southern Bluefin as the sea water is too cold for them. Mr Stehr also said that some were dying from cannibalism and others from tank collisions.

Because the tuna can go at 40 to 50km an hour, they are hitting their heads on the side of tanks. Mr Stehr says that he knows how to overcome it, but must achieve this before they can begin commercialisation of the tuna.

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