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Nutriads Smart Feed Additives to Boost the Blue Revolution

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EUROPE - Aquaculture is expected to fill the gap between the increasing demands for healthy seafood and stagnating fisheries. Being a young and fast growing activity, the aquafeed industry offers great opportunities for the development of novel feed additives to improve feed efficiency and health prevention.

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At Nutriad, we are ready to satisfy this market demand through innovation and expertise. Before entering the market, our feed additives have proven their efficacy under conditions which are directly relevant to the aquaculture producer in terms of feed formulation, feed processing and species choice.

Nutriad is committed to support the sustainable expansion of the aquaculture industry through specialised services and field experienced professionals.

Our senior aqua feed experts have over 15 years of experience in working side-by-side with producers and providing nutritional and health solutions for fish and shrimp. We are passionate about what we do and would love to share that passion with you.

Our specialty programmes for aquaculture are focused on current bottlenecks for the sustainable growth of aquaculture.

Key programs include species specific digestibility/metabolic enhancers to improve feed utilisation efficiency, reduce feed cost and improve performance (AQUAGEST®), palatability enhancers and attractants (AQUABITE®) and a highly specialized range of natural health promotors reducing the impact on productivity of diseases and parasitic infestations (SANACORE®, AQUASTIM®, APEX® AQUA, BACTINIL AQUA).

Furthermore, we offer sophisticated mycotoxin inactivators (TOXY-NIL®), additives to preserve aqua feeds and marine ingredients (OXY-NIL®, SALMO-NIL®, MOLD-NIL®), and low inclusion pellet binders (NUTRI-BIND).

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