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Nutriad Sponsors TARS 2014 Focused on Shrimp Aquaculture

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THAILAND - NUTRIAD successfully sponsored The Roundtable Aquaculture Series (TARS) 2014" which was held August 20-21 2014 in Phuket, Thailand.

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Dr Tim Goossens, R&D Engineer, Nutriad, presented a topic on “Fighting Pathogens: Choosing from a Range of Molecular Mechanisms.”

Following Nutriad’s introduction of Quorum Sensing Inhibition as a tool to fight bacterial diseases in aquaculture at the TARS meeting in 2012, this year Dr Goossens presented more basic insight in Nutriad’s EMS strategy including the different compounds and mode of actions behind it.

TARS 2014 brought major aqua feedmill (including CPF, Thai Union, TRF, Cargill, Grobest, Shenglong, Gold Coin, Comfeed, Avanti), big farm owners and major suppliers to the table to share updates and experiences, explore workable solutions, and develop a clear strategy to prevent and control future disease outbreaks in shrimp aquaculture in Asia.

Nutriad BU Aqua Manager Peter Coutteau and Regional Manager Aqua APAC Allen Wu where also present to interact with the 200 aqua professionals that attended this conference.