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Nutriad Adisseo sponsors Aquafarm exhibition


Lead scientist hails the beneficial effects of organic selenium.

Dr Waldo Nuez, lead scientist Aquaculture at Nutriad

Nutriad Adisseo was a proud sponsor of the third edition of Aquafarm, an international exhibition and conference for aquaculture and algaculture, that took place on 13-14 February in Pordenone, Italy.

The event gathered suppliers of fish feed, farming equipment, veterinary services, vaccines and fish processing equipment, with a strong focus on the Mediterranean aquaculture market. It provided a great opportunity for Nutriad Adisseo to further engage with customers and leading experts present in this key market.

The conference was dedicated to providing updates on aspects such as production technologies, environmental regulations, as well as health and nutrition of Mediterranean aquaculture species. Nutriad Adisseo hosted a presentation by Dr Waldo Nuez, lead scientist Aquaculture at Nutriad, on the beneficial effects of organic selenium in the form of hydroxy-selenomethionine (Selisseo) in fish species.

Hydroxy-selenomethionine is a superior source of organic selenium for formulating aquafeed, according to Dr Nuez. It results in a highly efficient deposition of selenium in tissues under the form of selenomethionine and enhances antioxidant status in relation to other selenium sources. Furthermore, its superior reliability, stability under aquafeed processing conditions, and safety to use, makes it the best choice to supplement selenium in aquafeeds. The event was enriched by a cooking show dedicated to “seafoodies”.