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Novus Invests In Aquaculture


US - The demand for protein from aquaculture is rapidly outgrowing supply. It has been predicted that the current aquaculture market will not be able to meet the demand from wild stocks alone. Understanding the needs of the industry, Novus has launched a range of sustainable programs for the benefit to the aquaculture industry.

According to Novus's regional director Yiannis Christodoulou, Novus International is a long standing leader in animal health and nutrition.

"We provide the technology and solutions that aquaculture needs to embrace its future," stated Mr Christodoulou. Novus programmes help producers achieve better performance through animal health and nutrition and offer solutions to address worldwide conservation and footprint pressures.

"Novus can help aquaculture producers optimize production efficiency and sustainability from farm production to processing."

Sustainable programmes launched by Novus include Reducing Feed Costs, Improved Health Through Nutrition, Optimizing Feed Through Quality Raw Materials, Feeding with a Purpose and Supporting Sustainable Practices.

Novus continues to build on their tradition of innovation. According to Mr Christodoulou, in the last few months, Novus has been able to deliver its message to an attentive audience. "We are striving to bring innovative programs and products to address the challenges experienced by our customers. We monitor the evolving needs of the industry on a daily basis. We understand the pressures of the industry for which our talented pool of researchers and developers are working continuously to create solutions.

Novus is dedicated to anticipating the aquaculture industries future needs. By developing relevant solutions, Novus is positioned to help industry requirements to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food while improving the quality of life.

> In demonstration of Novus International Inc.'s ongoing commitment to supporting sustainable aquaculture, the Novus Aqua Research Center (NARC) was established in collaboration with Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. NARC was built from the ground up with input from Novus International. The inaugural opening in December of 2008 was attended by Thad Simons, president and CEO, Novus International Inc.

Mr Simons said, NARC's main goals were to conduct research, develop and produce innovative science-based products and to be an resource center to aquaculture stakeholders and the industry.

The 1000 m2 research centre has space for laboratories and aquarium research facilities. General laboratory capabilities include molecular biology, protein analysis, biochemical analysis, flesh quality analysis, microbiology and water quality analysis. The ability to produce experimental feeds provides researchers the flexibility to study specific ingredients and additives of interest. The recirculating aquarium systems consist of tanks ranging from 80 to 1000 L and will allow for multiple independent experiments to be performed concurrently.

Mr Christodoulou confirmed that as part of the Novus Scholar Program, NARC will support graduate students and researchers from Nong Lam University and internationally will participate in research to develop solutions for the aquaculture industry. Improving profitability and productivity while being environmentally sustainable are the underlying goals of the collaboration with Nong Lam University.