Norwegian Fisheries Minister Visits Chile and Brazil

1 November 2012, at 12:00am

NORWAY - The Norwegian Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen is visiting Chile and Brazil, 18 - 22 November, to discuss exports and aquaculture development in the South American countries.

In Chile, Ms Berg-Hansen will visit the farming capital of Puerto Montt and attend a conference organised by Nofima, SINTEF and Veso.

In Brazil, there will be a seminar on Norwegian seafood under the auspices of the Seafood Council. Dried cod is by far the most important seafood product exported to Norway, Brazil, and the seminar will focus on dried fish.

Also arranged, is aquaculture seminar where the Brazilian government will present plans to develop aquaculture in Brazil. Ms Berg-Hansen will also have political discussions with Fisheries Ministers in Chile and Brazil.

If you would like to attend the seminars please contact: Senior Adviser Per Christian Enge, e-mail; and tel. 22 24 63 97 or Press contact 22 24 66 99