Norway Sees Potential in Fish Exports to India

24 September 2014, at 1:00am

NORWAY - With over one billion people and an economy in expansion, the Norwegian Seafood Council sees an increased opportunity for selling fish to India.

"Norway currently has no free trade agreement with India, but we see the potential for it to fall into place," said Ingelill Jacobsen, Norwegian Seafood Council.

From 24 to 31 October, the Norwegian Seafood Council will hold a seminar and reception in New Delhi and Mumbai.

The aim is to inform Norwegian exporters about opportunities in the market but also let the Indian players get better acquainted with Norwegian seafood.

Several regions in Asia are experiencing rapid economic growth as well as population growth. India is the world's second most populous country with a population of about 1.22 billion people.

"There is a market with great potential. It is also a country with many vegetarians, and among these there are many who eat seafood. We therefore believe there are good opportunities in this market," said Mr Jacobsen.

"Foreign retailers have not been allowed to establish themselves here, but we think we will. For the time being we will concentrate on two of the country's most populous cities, New Delhi and Mumbai."

Doing business in India requires cultural and social understanding.

"We will therefore leave the Norwegian players to get an analysis of the market, but also to learn from the experiences of others about what is required in this market. We also want them to learn a little about Indian traditions so that they are given the chance to see how the Norwegian seafood can fit in," concluded Mr Jacobsen.